Whether for the planning of a repair and maintenance business, a car dealership or a filling station, for financing, franchise concepts or claims management and control, the Management & Digital Solutions product group is of particular interest, especially to car dealerships and fleet managers.


The product group in detail:

Workshop / car dealer / filling station design and construction (business consultancy, certifications, environmental protection consulting)
Financing, franchise concepts
Claims management and claims control
Dealer management systems (company organisation, EDP, data administration, customer retention schemes)
Workshop management (technical monitoring and certification)
Vocational training and advanced training (mechanics, mechatronics, car body construction, painting, sales, training)
Workshop and car dealer marketing (outdoor advertising, advertising materials)
Internet service providers and vehicle marketplaces
Promotion of trade and industry, cluster initiatives  
Mobility concepts (mobility management (software/hardware), intermodal services, fleet management)
Industry institutions and specialist publishers